Our Story

Welcome to Diablo Huma BBQ Sauce, where Austin flavor meets Ecuadorian inspiration


Our award-winning barbecue sauce is like magic in a bottle: rich, tangy, and vinegar-based, making it the perfect companion for all your barbecue delights. Whether you're grilling up a succulent brisket, juicy sausage, or finger-lickin' good chicken, this sauce promises to take your taste buds on a journey. The options are endless - pour it, dip it, glaze it, or baste it - there's no wrong way to enjoy this saucy delight, especially with our easy squeeze bottle.

It all started with the "Meats by Dre" team -- a team of underdogs consisting of our Founder Andre Sandoval and his family -- that made a splash at the 2022 BBQ Austin Rodeo Competition by snagging a second place recognition. But we didn't stop there; our other founder, Kathy Sandoval kept on refining, experimenting, and perfecting our craft. Then, fast forward to 2023, we returned to the BBQ Austin battleground, and came out on the VERY top with first place. Shout out to the "Los Borrachos" team for letting us play with them in 2023!

But what really sets Diablo Huma BBQ Sauce apart is the heart and soul behind it. Inspired by the fearless Diablo Huma of Ecuador and a decades-long family recipe, our sauce brings nothing but good vibes to your plate. 

So come along with us on this smoky, saucy adventure - one that's rooted right here in the heart of Austin. We've bottled up little bit of Ecuadorian passion and a whole lot of Austin charm, ready to make your taste buds dance.